Saturday, June 21, 2008

How often do you replace pillows?

Our bedpillows hadn't been washed in some time, so I cleaned them on Friday. After taking them out of the dryer, I was amazed to see what awful shape they were in. The shells were clean and pretty, but the filling was all wadded up and sideways (and I'd even dried them with tennis balls, like everyone recommends). A lot of punching and jumping on them has made them look a lot prettier but they're far from new, and when I fold them in half they don't spring back to their original shape. So should they be tossed or not? I'm sure a pillow salesman would tell me to replace them every two years or something, but what is the lifespan of a pillow?
I'm probably going to replace them in the summer, after they've gotten four years of use. Seems like a reasonable timeframe.

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Rachel said...

I have heard that they should be replaced every three months but I think that is just the talk of a pillow salesman. If you wash them regularly then I only see the need to replace them when they become uncomfortable.