Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A better plan

The more I thought about the plan I came up with yesterday the more stressed I got that it might not work out (like if they don't process the paperwork to return my contributions to a normal level in time!)

So what I am going to do instead with the extra savings is to max out the Roth now, and change my monthly contribution to $1000 from $500. That way I won't feel much of a pinch since I won't be contributing the $200 per month (which sadly since I am now in such a high tax bracket, I would only get post-tax about $300 from the extra $500).

Also I figured out that I would only be able to do the whole-month thing twice before I hit the cap on my 403(b) contributions. What a dilemna to have, eh? ;)

So if all goes as planned, I will contribute the following amounts to my 403(b) during the year 2007:

$3990 - involuntary contributions
$500 - already made, voluntary
+ $11000 - will make, voluntary
$15490 - juuuust squeaking under the maximum voluntary contributions

Also: $5784 - employer contributions
$4000 - Roth IRA

Total: $25274, maxing out both the IRA and the 403(b).

I am extremely pleased with myself. =) Maybe I will hit my retirement goal before 30!

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