Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saving game

I generally don't do blog "tagging" games. Mostly because I could never actually figure out what they actually are. But Twiggers over at In Debt Because I Like to Have Nice Things kindly explained how it worked, and now that I've read a couple posts, it's actually pretty fun to read everyone's lessons learned.

Here's my deep and meaningful contribution:


Most other memoirs were super serious so I thought I'd change it up.

Seriously, for those of you who are rock stars and love going out, saving will be a challenge. But there are some things you can do to spice it up. Like getting a cheap hobby; I've tried about 500. Knitting? Super cheap but kind of hot for the summer. Step aerobics? Dangerous... I fell off it and hurt myself. Getting a pet to keep you company? So not cheap. Eh... oh well. In the end, I've emerged a stronger, healthier, more content, less chaotic person with a lot to live for and a simple, chill life to enjoy. So call me boring. I do not mind. I'm having fun.

I'm not going to tag because I know it can be laborious sometimes to participate in these things. That said, take a quick read at these memoirs for a nice snapshot of different people in various stages of their financial journeys, and feel free to post your own so-called memoir here. It's actually pretty cool to think about.

IDBILTBNT: "You can't take it with you"

Young Broke and Fabulous: "At least you have the experience"

Beachgirl's Budget Blog: "Do what is best for you"

The Debt Hole: "Falling down. Getting up. Trying again."

Frugalista Files: "Peace, values and a decent wine."

Who else should I add up here???

Summer Poll

It's the first day of the meteorological summer! So I've decided to celebrate with a random poll. Tell us: if you had an extra $50 this summer, what would you spend it on? I've listed a few options with my very unscientific poll here and I've decided to be very rigid. You can only pick one of these, so if they don't appeal to you, pick the closest. No wimpy "none of the above" options in my make-believe land of happy $50 for all. No sir.

Or you can just, you know, write it in the comments. But take the poll first, and then tell me how you'd rather spend an extra $50 if someone approached you with it right now.