Saturday, June 14, 2008

Air Issues

My annual budget-friendly trips have become a highlight of, well, my life. During the past few years I've traveled on the cheap to California several times, to Washington and Oregon and to Ireland, to name a few. I early await trip-planning season every year. And every year, I book a reward ticket on American and use my credit card rewards to keep the cost of most trips around $1,000 for a week-long expedition.

But have you tried booking flights lately? It's out of control! I'd spend the cost of my entire annual trip on airfare alone. The cost of flying to the Pacific coast has doubled since the last time I flew there, and now my miles are ridiculously difficult to redeem. We were considering a trip to Belize, but the flights cost an arm and a leg. I checked a few other destinations and the costs and mile redemptions are nuts...

This is a vacation crisis, people!

I feel blindsided. I mean, I know the cost of gas is bad, but what happened to Southwest's cheap flights? I guess I haven't been following the effects of airline consolidation and the high prices of gas haven't really hit me yet either(don't laugh, I don't drive).

So what's a girl to do this summer? I was really relying on cheap airfare for the summer. I need some suggestions for a good August destination with outdoor adventures stat! I'm thinking now I should just try to go to the boundary waters in Minnesota or do something in the Midwest. Which kind of sucks because I really love meeting people from all over, learning about the history and culture of new regions and GETTING FAR AWAY with my long vacation time.


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