Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogroll Clean Up

I’m not too happy with the latest and greatest version of WordPress. The GUI is a little too different for me to enjoy the transition. When it was installed, I was under a lot of stress at work so I didn’t like the aggravation of having to figure out where stuff was. Therefore, I did nothing but write.

Last night I finally had some time to flip through my blogroll and cull it mercilessly for old stuff that’s not updated or sites that are just plain old gone. If you moved your site, let me know the new link and I’ll try to get to it.

Instead I bring you three new gems in the form of Mrs. Micah, The Hustle of Sistah Ant and Weight Down, Money Up.

Mrs. Micah is a freelancer and part-time employee. She’s a young married with a great mix of personal values and frugal tips in her writing. Yesterday’s post on lingerie begs for a follow up post by me. I’ve been feeling harrassed by my undergarments in the summer heat. (Link has a picture that is SFW.)

Sistah Ant is living in my hometown, Philadelphia, works as a contract employee and yet has managed to save up $9K for her first home downpayment fund. She inspires me with her drive to reach her goals.

Weight Down, Money Up is written by BK, your sassy Brooklyn-bred Jazzercise instructor. She is beautiful and smart. She has a lot of spirit and energy, as you can imagine a fitness instructor would. If you are interested in weight loss and personal finance, (as many of us are) check out her blog. All I want to know now is if she teaches Jazzercise in my neck of the woods…

N.B. Please don’t ask me for a link exchange. I blogroll what I actually read regularly. If I couldn’t remember to add your link the other night, I probably don’t read you enough. But do feel free to send me a link if you want me to check you out. I just don’t make promises that my sieve of a memory will remember the next time I update.

PS - How about them Red Wings?

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