Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Deliver Us From Human Resources

Somebody over at Tower Perrin doesn't have enough to do as evidenced by this 'study.' I struggled through it but not sure I can draw any conclusions except that Mexican companies have the greatest percentage of 'engaged' employees. From what I saw in Mexico they are engaged because they just feel damn lucky just to have a job.

Interesting remarks about Japan as well. Well, interesting if you are in Human Resources.

On the 'road to engagement?' What is that?

Read on and figure out your own conclusion. Please share any insight because I'm not sure I get this. Or even want to.

Few workers are 'engaged' at work and most want more from execs
Sunday October 21, 10:28 am ET
By Andrea Coombes

Just 1 in 5 workers are 'engaged' -- and most want more from executives

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Only 21% of workers worldwide are "engaged" -- that's human-resource-speak for ready to expend some extra effort at work -- while 38% are either disenchanted or disengaged, according to a new survey.